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Welcome to Doctor Neuwirth, MD and Doctor Bose, MD!

Our group practice is not only specialized in providing all services of medical care, it also offers you an extensive expertise in internal medicine, which we have acquired in our several years of training. We treat and care for the entire family- regardless of your choice of health insurance. Here, the domestic environment is also taken into account.

Furthermore, Dr. Neuwirth and Dr. Bose treat patients in retirement homes. In case of a severe and fatal illness, domiciliary visits by a doctor are also possible. Please contact us for further information and to make arrangements.

We put emphasis on competent, medical specialist care, a trustful patient-doctor-relationship and, a friendly interaction within our team and with our patients. Our focus lies on the conduction of preventative health care and check-up examinations. Next to all benefits provided by your health insurance company, we offer additional examinations for a wide-ranging diagnosis and treatments. These services may be engaged by all patients- regardless of their choice of health insurance.

The internal care includes professional medical know-how and various instrumental examination methods with the assistance of modern devices. Further information on our range of services can be found on this website.