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The Staff

Staff Overview

Doctor Andreas Neuwirth, MD.

Ph. D. Andreas Neuwirth was born in 1968; he is married and has two children.

After getting his college degree, he finished his alternative service at the Orthopedic University Frankfurt. In March 1996 he achieved his Doctor of Medicine at the Johann-Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt and got his license to practice medicine in January 1998. Andreas Neuwirth finished his medical assistant years at the Clinics of the Wetteraukreis/Civilian Hospital in Friedberg, which is in the Wetteraukreis Germany.

Apart from internal medicine, he focused on cardiology, gastroenterology, geriatric medicine, and dialectology. Soon, he took a great interest in ultrasonography.

In September 2002, his validation as a medical specialist for internal medicine took place in Frankfurt. During several continuing medical educations he enlarged his medical specialized knowledge, for example in natural medicine, nutritional medicine and in the curriculum of biological medicine. Until 2004, he was a wonderful doctor to patients of the Civil Hospital in Friedberg.

Denis Bose about his partner:”Andreas Neuwirth found his calling being a doctor, he has a deep professional knowledge and heart.”

Dr. Neuwirth is fluent in English.

Denis Bose, MD

Doctor Denis Bose, MD was born in Nürtingen, Germany in the year 1969 and lives with his wife and three children in Oberursel, Germany.

After he received his college degree and had finished his military service, he studied Computer Science at the University of Stuttgart for five semesters. Soon after, Denis Bose did a gap year for volunteering work and then went on to study medicine at the University of Gießen.

After getting his doctorate degree, he went on to the Clinics of the Wetteraukreis/Civilian Hospital in Friedberg for his further education. There he deepened the broad spectrum of the internal medicine by specializing in the gastroenterology, cardiology and, ultrasonography. Furthermore, he studied emergency medicine and acupuncture.

Together with Doctor Andreas Neuwirth, MD, he has worked at the Clinics of the Wetteraukreis for several years. There the determination to take over the practice in Oberursel developed.

Doctor Denis Bose got his acupuncture A-degree and is a member of the German Confederation of Internists. He is also involved in the board of the PraxisNetzes Hochtaunus.

Dr. Andreas Neuwirth about his colleague: “In Doctor Denis Bose I found a very reliable and competent partner. We both talk the same language, both in medical questions as well as in the handling of patients.”

Dr. Neuwirth is fluent in English.

Dörte Küper

Mrs. Dörte Küper joined our medical team in October 2010.

She was born in 1971 and is a proud mother of a daughter. After getting her high-school diploma (or A-level), she graduated from the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. After her graduation she had been working at the clinic of the Wetteraukreis/Civil Hospital Friedberg, Germany from 2000-2005. There she gained knowledge about the broad spectrum of the internal medicine. Her focus was on the care of the oncological and gastroenterological patients and emergency medical services.

From 2005 till 2010 she had been working at the Civil Hospital in Frankfurt am Main in the internal department with her main focus on the gastroenterology.

In 2006 she became an internal medicine specialist.

We are very proud to have Mrs. Küper in our team since 2010.

Mrs. Küper speaks English and French fluently and tends to our French and English patients with great care.

Mrs. Schösser

Mrs. Schösser has been working in the practice since March 1987.
After a short parental leave, she started working part time.
She works mainly at the front desk and carries out ECG tests.

Mrs. Gillmeister

Mrs. Gillmeister has been working at the practice since 1981.
She works mainly at the front desk, carries out allergy, pulmonary function and ECG tests.

Mrs. Heilmann

Mrs. Heilmann has been working at the practice since March 2002. Her working range does not only cover the scheduling of patients at the front desk, but also organizing and supervising patients in the DMP-Program.

Mrs. Heck

After her training at the predecessor’s office in the 90s, she had been working at another practice for a few years. In October 2005 she returned to the practice of Dr. Neuwirth, MD and Dr. Bose, MD. She works at the front desk, carries out pulmonary function and ECG tests.

Mrs. Kimme

Mrs. Kimme has been working at the office since March 1992. She does not only work at the front desk, and prepares the patients for and carries out blood taking, but also conducts domiciliary visits for blood taking.

Mrs. Wolf

Mrs. Wolf has started her training for a medical assistant in August 2007 at the office of Doctor Neuwirth and Doctor Bose. Her training consists of learning and specializing in all necessary fields needed in internal medical practice.

Mrs. Ewald

Mrs. Ewald has been supporting our practice since 1978. She organizes the practice, is responsible for the billing of private insured and health company insured patients, registration for pulmonary function and ECG tests and for the laboratory.

Mrs. Müller

Mrs. Müller has been working at the office since 2001. She works mainly at the front desk, and carries out exercise ECG, pulmonary function and allergy tests.